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Don't Band The "N", Transform & Transend!!

Support Mentor's Pact anti SaggiN campaign, and help us throw it in reverse! SaggiN is Niggas spelled backwards. Niggas/Niggers are not a race or culture, but simply a socially imposed mentality.

Mentors Pact's goal is to aid in changing this mentality from that of poverty to royalty.

The word nigga sometimes used by some in terms of endearment, is most often used in a negative context, mainly associated with self hatred and deprivation.

It is also used to describe someone as tough, rebellious, hip, cool, as a Gangster. That's why we love the word Nigga, because everyone loves a real Gangster; hence the term "Real Niggas".

Unfortunately the inner city Gangster/Nigga mentality leads down the path to poverty, prison, and death.

The good news is that this word derives from the the Ethiopian word Negus, pronounced n'gus, which actually means King/Royalty.

So while our anti saggiN tshirts depicts a caricature mocking a pauper's mentality, is intended to promote the reverse effect, and motivate a mindset of the highest esteem and royal nature.


D'Jango= means to awaken,  D'Jigga= means the god, and Negus= means King.

Therefore "D'Jango D'Jigga Negus" means "Awaken the god King"



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